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Clarity Thinking is Growing.

Clarity Thinking is now also practicing from Northamptonshire, Kettering. The same excellent level of Therapeutic Support and Clinical Supervision but now available in Northamptonshire, Kettering. Due to numerous requests and enquiries I decided that it would be a good time to source a satellite practice. My new joint practice is in Ringstead, Kettering. This is easily accessible via A14 and A45. Ringstead is ...


Anxiety – it’s all in your head!!

Anxiety – we’ve all heard about it but what is it? Anxiety is categorised as a sense of apprehension, nervousness, and self-doubt. These experiences are sometimes associated with the real life stressful situations. At some time or another everyone will experience some form of anxiety ranging from waking up late for work or ...


Yet again it is that time of the year when all of our focus is for that one special day of the year. The presents, the food, the drinks; the atmosphere has to be absolutely perfect. Therefore we create the illusion that all is well between loved ones and friends. We smile and hug each other thinking that this one ...


As we fast approach the festive period the whole universe seems to go into overdrive, the world of media and advertising begin their bombardment of all things white, shiny, glittery, clean, crisp, snowy etc. etc. etc. Not for one minute do we stop to think and realise how vulnerable and susceptible we allow ourselves to become. We all have fantasies of ...