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With love just around the corner….

It seems only yesterday there were New Year celebrations and yet here we are with Valentine’s Day in less than five days. A lot can be said for this day, it is a reminder for those single people of how lonely life can be sometimes and those in relationships it can become a stressful task with having to ‘to create ...


Welcome to 2014!

Firstly I would like to say a belated Happy New Year to all! Most of you have probably spent the last few weeks thinking about what you would like this year. However, some of you may not be so motivated as you were in week one as everywhere you looked it was about the new you, the new diet, the ...


New Year round the corner…

I will post my blog on the ups and downs of the New Year shortly, but hang in there, I know most suffer from the 'January' blues, it can be a time to put in place practical changes you want to see in your life next year. Coming soon...  


It’s that that time of year again!

It seems that wherever you go at the moment, there is no escape, Christmas is just around the corner.  For some of us it is a great time but for those that are vulnerable, you may just want to run away and hide and prefer to hibernate and come out when it is all over. There is no doubt that Christmas ...