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The easiest option is not always the right option!

  The easiest option is not always the right option for you. Imagine you are driving down the round and you experience a blowout on one of your tyres. You park the car safely and examine the wheel. Does this situation warrant you just locking up the vehicle and leaving it, going off and buying another vehicle? Realistically you would either roll up your sleeves or change the burst wheel ...


A some point in everyone's life we are presented with an opportunity, whether we want it or not, to become a teacher, guide or even healer to people in our lives. They need a sense of support and guidance and they turn to you due to your relationship with them and the dynamics of the connection. It is very easy to fall into this trap as it allows you to engage with people on a more intimate level rather than the ...


The world at a Loss – are you?

With recent tragedies around the world it seems that everywhere you turn there is a sense of loss. Loss of people, loss of identity, loss of connection, loss of safety and security - not just in a physical sense but also in an emotional and psychological aspect. When we feel lost, confused and possibly adrift with our own emotions and feelings it maybe hard to ground ourselves and focus on what is really important to us. Being able to express our ...


How do you deal with disappointment? – Counselling in Milton Keynes, Northampton & Bedford   Disappointment – “a feeling of sadness or frustration because something was not as good, attractive, or satisfactory as expected, or because something hoped for did not happen.” Have you experienced any of the above aspects or perhaps all of the statement? Everyone experiences difficulties through this journey we call life, some of us even feel as though our whole existence has been difficult. Sometimes we experience difficulties that ...


Counselling within the Asian community has always been perceived as a taboo - something never to be considered, let alone sought out. The thought of approaching anyone external to the family for support or guidance is frowned upon. The mere mention of needing to talk about your own emotions or feelings would usually be met by a sense of projected shame and embarrassment from close family members such as parents, siblings, partners etc. By seeking out professional help such as counselling ...