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Asian Counsellor – Counselling Milton Keynes, Northampton & Bedford

Counselling within the Asian community has always been perceived as a taboo – something never to be considered, let alone sought out. The thought of approaching anyone external to the family for support or guidance is frowned upon. The mere mention of needing to talk about your own emotions or feelings would usually be met by a sense of projected shame and embarrassment from close family members such as parents, siblings, partners etc.

By seeking out professional help such as counselling could potentially  bring a sense of shame to the family and subsequently bring into question either paternal roles or partners supportive capabilities. There has been a historical essence of cultural expectations to suppress negative emotions and rely on external avoidance’s and distractions, such as work, family commitments and even alcohol and drugs to deal with personal issues.

We all have our own personal life experiences and stories to tell, most of them good but some of them not so good. Whether it is personal abuse – current or historical, forced arranged marriages, issues with addictive situations such as drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.  As human beings we all need to make  time and space to heal ourselves in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

As an Asian counsellor, I am able to understand and empathise with familial, cultural and communal expectations of not expressing ones true emotions. This is where Clarity Thinking can provide you with counselling set within  a safe and confidential space to openly, honestly and genuinely express all of your concerns. The professional support provided by Jasmer Chauhan will be positive and non-judgmental. Jasmer prides himself in the fact that he adheres to all aspects of confidentiality and anonymity when working with his clients.

Clarity Thinking provides counselling services within each access of Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford. There is ample free parking on site set within a professional environment so that a clients anonymity is maintained. For anyone unable to communicate in English, I am able to offer counselling in Punjabi.

For a free initial consultation please contact Jasmer on 07790 827259 or complete the form on and I will get back to you.



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