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Heal others by being Healed yourself not by becoming a Healer.

A some point in everyone’s life we are presented with an opportunity, whether we want it or not, to become a teacher, guide or even healer to people in our lives. They need a sense of support and guidance and they turn to you due to your relationship with them and the dynamics of the connection.

It is very easy to fall into this trap as it allows you to engage with people on a more intimate level rather than the usual superficial existence. However this level of engagement, as genuine as it maybe, could have the potential of causing more damage for the individual rather than helping them.

Your partner turns to you for support and clarification with regards to where you both are within the relationship – your perspective will be biased towards your perception and experience of the relationship. This is when couples counselling would be of great benefit to both parties concerned not just one person, a relationship consists of 2 people connecting.

Not knowing why your inner frustration is allowing you to cause harm to the people around you in your family, friends and social circle – this question cannot be answered by the people who experience and have to deal with your lack of Anger Management.

Stress and Anxiety are two areas that will definitely require professional engagement not the after thoughts from people who don’t have a clear understanding of your issues.

We as individuals need to take responsibility to who we turn to when we need emotional and psychological support. The very basic and fundamental construct of Therapy is that is provides an individual with the space, safety and time to be heard and held in the moment by a fully qualified and experienced therapist who is independent from your life and all of your life’s experiences.

The potentiality of dealing with your issues by talking with a therapist will allow you to move forward in a positive and constructive manner.

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