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How do you deal with disappointment? – Counselling in Milton Keynes, Northampton & Bedford

How do you deal with disappointment? – Counselling in Milton Keynes, Northampton & Bedford


Disappointment – “a feeling of sadness or frustration because something was not as good, attractive, or satisfactory as expected, or because something hoped for did not happen.”

Have you experienced any of the above aspects or perhaps all of the statement? Everyone experiences difficulties through this journey we call life, some of us even feel as though our whole existence has been difficult. Sometimes we experience difficulties that may seem as of large compared to others, the reality is of how we decide to deal with those difficulties and move forward with our lives.

Burying your head in the sand and avoiding dealing with the issues in hand will in itself lead onto more difficulties. Even when we feel that the problems that we are experiencing are far too big for us to handle so why bother, it is in these moments that we need to reach out for help.

There are so many issues that a person can feel disappointed with that can cause stress, whether it is financial (lack of money), housing, work related (employed/unemployed) – all of these can be worked through by contacting specialists. There are numerous agencies, organisations and websites that offer help and advice when dealing with such concerns.

If we are physically ill then we would visit a doctor or worse still a hospital, again these are very practical ways of dealing with visible difficulties that we may be experiencing. However what happens when the difficulties that we are experiencing cannot be explained away or dealt with in a practical manner?

Emotional distress and or psychological stress, in any form, can cause an individual a great sense of harm without them even realising. When we suffer from stress we may act out of character, our behaviour towards family and friends may change. We may begin to function in a way that isn’t very productive or positive for us and may even cause things to spiral into a place of complete darkness.

The first step to dealing with personal, emotional or psychological issues is to accept that there is an issue. Not all issues are big or major life changing events, they can be as simple as not being able to deal with road rage or as serious as not being able to communicate appropriately with family and friends. The reality is not to place a value to the size of the issue but whether you are feeling overwhelmed by its consequences.

By talking to a professional you can begin to get it things into perspective. Here at Clarity Thinking we provide counselling in a safe and secure environment for you to openly discuss how you are feeling. Only by being honest with yourself can you begin to deal with the reality of your situation. There is never a definitive or prescriptive manner to work with specific issues, but there is always a way of moving forward so that your experiences in your life can be done so in a positive and productive manner.

Clarity Thinking is based in Newport Pagnell and is in each reach to Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford and surrounding villages and is able to offer both day and evening appointments.



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