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Is there such a thing as a perfect Christmas or is it an expensive illusion?

As we fast approach the festive period the whole universe seems to go into overdrive, the world of media and advertising begin their bombardment of all things white, shiny, glittery, clean, crisp, snowy etc. etc. etc.

Not for one minute do we stop to think and realise how vulnerable and susceptible we allow ourselves to become. We all have fantasies of how the perfect Christmas day should be celebrated, whether that is with loved ones or wanting to see the look of joy and excitement as family members and friends open up their present. Ironically if we as individuals spent this much time, effort and energy the whole year round then we would not need to experience this kind of pressure for that one day to be perfect.

We find ourselves spending money that we don’t have, on items that we don’t need for moments that will be easily forgotten as quickly as the presents. So why do we do it? Why do we feel the need to create this false sense of perfection? We have all fell prey to the monster that has been created by the media for commercialism and consumerism.

Our bank balances taking a beating, this in itself can cause so much stress individually but within a relationship the extra pressure to provide funds and any subsequent issues with debt can lead to anger management issues, relationship difficulties. These concerns then could potentially lead onto cyclical behaviour and normal coping strategies such as excessive drinking, taking of illegal substances, gambling etc.

If possible take a step back and question the reality of your position within the bigger picture, the bigger picture being what will really happen if the way that you celebrate this festive period is not the best, the most lavish, the most expensive etc.  Will your world really end or will your ego and pride have to sit down as your sense of humility and common sense are allowed to take centre stage.

Taking stock of your life and existence can sometimes allow you the space to breathe and genuinely connect with yourself. Thus allowing you to appreciate who you are and what you are worth as a person rather than meeting other people’s needs and catering for their wants.

To potentially avoid seasonal anxiety issues, relationship issues, mood swings, bouts of premeditated depression, anger / rage management concerns deal with this season logically rather than emotionally. Look at the reality of the season and your position within your life.

Enjoy the celebrations with people who are close and dear to you, people who want you in their lives for who you are rather than what you can give them.


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