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The easiest option is not always the right option!


The easiest option is not always the right option for you.

Imagine you are driving down the round and you experience a blowout on one of your tyres. You park the car safely and examine the wheel. Does this situation warrant you just locking up the vehicle and leaving it, going off and buying another vehicle? Realistically you would either roll up your sleeves or change the burst wheel with the spare wheel or call for some form of roadside recovery. The above scenario may seem a bit far-fetched but it does highlight the aspect that “the easiest option is not always the right option”.

However sometimes in our lives we are presented with situations and scenarios where make the right decision maybe beyond our control or comprehension. Such external factors as legality, political concerns, familial restraints, religious beliefs etc. may prevent us from doing the right thing for us.

The greater good is something that is banded about so easily, make the right choice for the greater good of the family, the greater good of the community, the country, your religion etc. Although this process is commendable and may also be deemed as a noble gesture unfortunately in these circumstances the individual can experience a great sense of loss; a loss of identity, a loss of self worth, a loss of perspective and even a loss of a sense of living.

Relationship difficulties, marriage problems, anxiety, stress, depression, anger management, addiction issues could all be considered as manifestations of coping strategies. Where the individual is unable to exist in a state where they are totally genuine to themselves. By adhering to boundaries they place upon themselves this eternal struggle could lead to mental health issues.

Through therapy and support an individual can learn to be true to themselves and still exist in a way that meets certain set criteria and boundaries, as the perceived boundaries that we place upon ourselves maybe far-fetched and not realistic. Professional support and guidance allows a person to openly express concerns and thoughts that can lead to a clearer understanding and a more positive way of existing.



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