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The world at a Loss – are you?

With recent tragedies around the world it seems that everywhere you turn there is a sense of loss. Loss of people, loss of identity, loss of connection, loss of safety and security – not just in a physical sense but also in an emotional and psychological aspect.

When we feel lost, confused and possibly adrift with our own emotions and feelings it maybe hard to ground ourselves and focus on what is really important to us. Being able to express our true inner thoughts can sometimes feel extremely scary and so we bottle them up and hope that they disappear.

If our feelings are true and we are unable to process them sufficiently whereby they are no longer a hindrance to our existence then they will always be a stumbling block in our personal journey. That is why talking therapies are so helpful when dealing with personal issues.

Anger Management, Anxiety, Relationship difficulties, Teenage Angst, Emotional Trauma, Loss and Bereavement, Addictions – these are just a few examples of the way that emotional stress and turmoil can manifest itself within ones life. By talking about issues and concerns one can begin to take control and recover from traumatic events that could have potentially caused negative dynamics and consequences in ones life.

Remove the shackles that you put on yourself by judgement and comparison to others and you can begin to walk freely and positively in a direction better suited to your own journey rather than a journey you perceive that you should be walking.



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