Michael Sexsmith NCS

Michael Sexsmith

Integrative Counsellor

Accredited Registrant Member, National Counselling Society (NCS)

email; m.sexsmith@claritythinking.com

mobile;  07851 554263


With international experience, I’m a Canadian that lives in the UK, for approx.10 years. I bring a specialty to counselling of understanding adaptability and change. In the journey of life there are many changeable seasons. A certain kind of change seems to be a part of the basic nature of some, if not all things. In each journey of change, peace is linked to ‘feeling heard’, and in this being heard a clarity of thought is created. I learnt early in my career if you wanted to understand others you must first understand yourself. Yet understanding yourself is ever changing as learning is lifelong.

I’ve spent a lifetime of seasons working with horses and people in various settings. Currently I’m investing in our young people as a volunteer counsellor with a youth agency. Where my experience with young people and Canadian friendly authenticity are an asset. I feel there is an advantage in learning to understand the British culture, to integrate, while bringing an outside perspective. It is said that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees unless we step back. Growing up in a different culture gives me that ability to help a client step back and look at those cultural pieces of life’s puzzle that have not yet been discovered.

I use a client centred approach with holistic perspective toward mind, body and soul. I have accredited professional therapy training in psycho education, psychotherapy, person centred therapy, gestalt therapy, transactional analysis and cognitive behaviour therapy. The integration of the knowledge and use of these therapies is referred to as Interactive Counselling. Which supports the theory, talking therapy is never a one size fits all. I work in a framework of professional and ethical standards set by NCS.

Having read this far you’ll feel a possible rapport, trust your instincts if this is a good profile for you. If you identified with something you’ve read, Rapport has begun in some small way. Let’s continue building that trust with a little psycho education to support your decision. Metaphorically you’re the captain at the helm of your own ship. It’s important for me to have you understand, I’m not going to fix you nor steer for you. However, like working with the navigational instruments, astrolabe or sexton in understanding how the stars align and shine in your life, you can plot a better course to your journey.

If you’re new to counselling, metaphorically it can feel like putting together a puzzle. The rapport helps us find the square edged pieces of a puzzle to make the frame. Then we might sort through the pieces by colour/emotions in the puzzle that fit to create a clearer picture. However, finding that piece of the puzzle that just fits right can bring both a feeling of relief or uncomfortableness. How

and when you complete the puzzle is limited only by your motivational commitment. Remember learning is lifelong so there might be many small puzzles within the change of the journey.

“Wisdom is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.” – Proverbs 3:15

I have experience and understanding in the following areas:



Agricultural life





Behaviour challenges




Culture differences


Equestrian life



Interpersonal issues


Mind relaxation



Self and Identity

Self-defeating behaviours



Spiritual life

Sports life



Work life