Bereavement Counselling

"There are no words in the world that could fully describe the pain one feels when losing a loved one." Anonymous

Losing someone or something very close to us is one of the most traumatic emotions that we as individuals can experience.


Loss and bereavement can encapsulate a mixture of emotions which can make us feel:

  • angry
  • desperate
  • guilty
  • numb
  • inconsolable
  • we cannot go on with such an overwhelming sense of loss in our lives

Trying to accept a loss is a very hard process, however bereavement counselling can help you begin to move forward.

Talking to a bereavement therapist is not intended to make you forget about your loved one or what has happened, however we are here to help you to cope with your feelings more easily. Bereavement counselling is a gentle, gradual, individual process. By taking small steps, you can learn to live again after your loss.