Couples counselling

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." Oscar Wilde

Whilst being in a relationship can bring you love and happiness, it is not always that easy.


Often, even in the most secure of relationships we can:

  • go through difficult times
  • experience periods where we feel lost as a couple
  • feel we lack our identities as individuals

At times like these, having someone neutral to talk to can help you to set things back on track.

Clarity Thinking gives you and your partner the space to talk through your areas of concern in a supportive, constructive environment.

Couples counselling will guide you and help you identify the causes of your problems. From here, you’ll have a pathway to work through them and rediscover yourselves as stronger individuals. Counselling can sometimes bring relationships back together stronger than ever. However some couples recognise they need to separate to understand their own personal needs within the relationship, and others find that the best way forward maybe of a more permanent separation or divorce.

Whatever the outcome, couples counselling can help two individuals address what they both really want from their relationship and help them move forward with their lives.