Student counselling

"Whatever you are. Be a good one." Abraham Lincoln

The perception of student life is of extended lie-ins and one long party. The reality is usually very different, with immense stress placed on students.


Pressure not only comes from the economic climate, achieving good grades to secure your future career, but there could also be the added pressure of the financial commitment to studying.

Whilst a student undertakes the difficulties of studying, revising and taking final exams, students also have the added concern of experiencing new emotions, such as:

  • the feeling of leaving your family home
  • learning to cope alone
  • self management of time, finances and health – both physically and mentally
  • struggling to fit in with a new environment and different people

At Clarity Thinking we understand how difficult this can be. Student counselling gives you the opportunity to talk through how you’re feeling with an experienced student therapist, helping you to feel more confident in order to be able to manage this phase of your life.